User Questions:

How do I use the spiritual tools?

You will be sent a detailed guide on how to use your spiritual tools with each order. 

How can a soap help me?

The concept of spiritual tools are the same as religious concepts (like being covered in the blood, etc.).

  Anything can help you if you decide it works. Self-discovery is a mental process. It is challenging to switch from a mainstream mindset that deals heavily in emotions and logical thinking; to a personalized more spiritual mindset that is filled with thoughts and manifestations that are created by YOU. 

The soap is a tangible way to remind you to stop, breathe, and take a moment to reflect while you cleanse the worries of the world away. 

What do you mean by, "Goddess/God Box"?

This box is a complete way to use the spiritual tools. This is for someone who is beginning their journey or someone who would like a perspective on how to tap into their higher selves.

As mentioned before, this journey is mental, but since we are accustom to seeing and holding things (to determine if they are REAL), this is a way to help you train your mind and focus on the concepts (that which you cannot see) that you wish to work with.

Shipping Questions:

When will I receive my item? How are items shipped?

Items are shipped within 5-7 business days. Goddess/God boxes take between 7-10 days and they are specifically tailored for the recipient. All purchases are sent Priority Mail.