Necronomicon Reading



This reading has an 11 card spread. It deals with trump cards (higher forces) and suit cards (human beings and life events). It can also be thought of as trump = cosmic and suit = earthly.
The deck is a general life reading into the present and immediate future with insight into 5 areas: Family Life, Social Life, Work Life, Love Life, and School Life, respectively.

The top card is the Card of Fate. This card represents how the future may have evolved out of the present. It gives the overall direction of life in the near future. This card sets the tone for the reading and is considered again at the end in summation.

The ‘Upright’ and ‘Inverted’ meanings are both included for you to use your intuition and place where each card relates to you currently. The cards will speak to you.

Your reading will give you insight into your MASTER cards (PRESENT state) and your SERVANT cards (FUTURE) while incorporating ELEMENTALS (Earth, WInd, FIre, and Air) to give you a detailed and comprehensive reading.

Not ready for a complete reading?
Try a 1- or 2- Aspect reading of your choice!

These readings challenge you to face your lower self (human self). This is dealing with the dark within. It is nothing to be afraid.

The light comes from the dark.

Embrace finding TRUE PEACE!!

*This reading is very detailed and in-depth. Due to this, this is not an over-the-phone reading. It is typed and sent to you for you to reflect and use over time.