You're feeling stressed. It takes everything to get out of the bed. You should be happy, but something is holding you back. On the surface, it looks like you have everything together.

You are feeling tension at work. You begin to have issues with your co-workers. You do your job well, but you feel like you are constantly under attack. You are on your way up the ladder, but you have a nagging feeling that will not go away. You cannot lose your job, you just cannot bear to go through that again.
Your love life is in shambles, or rather, you WISH you had a LOVE LIFE. You meet potential partners, but they never seem to stay around very long.
You just want PEACE! Nothing is working. Each day you feel as though you are sinking deeper.
It's time to for a CHANGE.

The RELEASE THE TRAUMA candle will pull out the negativity you hold within. The black color works to release negative energy. The male and female appliques help identify the energies associated with the negativity you are experiencing.
These energies can either be masculine or feminine. The masculine energies use the left brain, focuses on linear thinking, are decisive, assertive, analytical, etc.
Feminine energy uses the right brain and is compassionate, understanding, receptive, intuitive, etc. These traits, either masculine or feminine, may be acted out by either a male or a female. Energies have no gender.

With the RELEASE THE TRAUMA candle, you are able to identify the masculine and/or feminine energy that is holding you back. Through using this candle you will be able to identify your trauma source and release the hold it as on you.

Follow the 'Release the trauma' guide directions, light your candle, and allow yourself to HEAL!

If you are feeling like you cannot get over the hurt from people and/or situations from your past, THIS CANDLE IS FOR YOU.

Pictured : Before and After. Second photo shows male side of candle melted away.

*Candles are handmade to order. Please allow time for the creative process (typically 3-5 days).
*All orders are shipped Priority Mail*