I got my Necronomicon deck reading last month. Akanke was precise, very detailed and straight to the point. Which is one of the things I love about her. She gave me insight on things that I had questions about, and also things that I hadn't considered. Akanke is very professional and, puts love into the readings that she does. Now I need a basket of soaps & candles lol. Thanks for my reading!

 -M.J., New Orleans

I loved the candle!!!! Not only did it smell has helped my mental clarity.

-L.G., North Carolina

I really love Akanke's products. The first time I used the soap I felt a weight lifted off of me. The other line of items are equally amazing, especially because they are organic. I will be ordering some more! Thank you, Akanke!

-A.G., South Carolina

Thank you Akanke for your wonderful soaps, baths, and candle! Your products are amazing and your spiritual guidance is priceless.

-A.M., South Carolina

I really loved my candles and spiritual baths that were customized just for me. The quick delivery and special note of encouragement made feel so appreciated. I would recommend buying twice as much because you will want to use these products every week. Akanke’s World you really exceeded my expectations. I will be ordering again very soon. I can’t be without my soaps and baths.

-D.D., Georgia

Thanks soooooo much Akanke’s World, my products are wonderful! The spiritual bath made me feel like a weight has been lifted and helped to detox as well. It cleared my thoughts, increased my energy, and calmed my worries. The candle was great as well I light it every day, time for another (order coming soon) finances are coming from everywhere also my business, energy, and thought process is clearer.

Additionally my readings brought awareness and helped me to knock down my personal brick and make moves to entrepreneurship. Ever since I've been rollin’ like the RIVER! I recommend for anyone that is facing a blockage or emotional confusion in the physical and spiritual state. Things has been better ever since, and thanks Akanke’s World for your continued emotional support. I love that business with you is not just about a product sell, but continued personal support when daily obstacles arise!

 Thanks Akanke’s World happy client over here! The candle alone keeps a warm vibrant energy in my home).

-B.D., Texas

First Time User documented her experience using Mental Clarity and Abundance Soap

Experience Journal -

Washed with the soap on 1/17/17 before bed and while I slept peacefully for the first time in a long time, I did not have a dream. Today as I lay napping I had a breakthrough. I heard my own voice tell me to take a chance and make a call I had been debating about. I made that call could possible change my future. I had been debating on reaching out to an ex that I have unresolved issues with or if I should just move on. The voice inside told me to call him and either close the door or work things out. So I reached out to him and I'm waiting for his response.

On day 2 I just felt an unusual sense of peace all day. I was in a really good mood smiling and laughing all day. I fee as if a burden has been lifted and that I am on my way to being a freer happier more peaceful version of myself. For the first time in a long time I feel safe and secure. I feel like I'm missing a piece of myself and I'm ok with that. I have decided to let my guard down and not think so much. I am going to live life out loud and enjoy it.

Day 3 I feel a little weird inside. I'm very emotional and confused. I have been wanting a certain someone and something for a while and my intentions were put out there when I used the soap. Well today it came to me that what I thought I wanted may not be what I end up with. When you love someone, sometimes it's hard to let go because you continue to want them to be who they were but they are who they are. Never let a person make you feel like you aren't important. I don't understand how one can come to my dreams but not to me in reality. I don't know what is going to happen but the blinders are off

Day 4 I didn't feel as much as the other days so tonight I will use the bath and soap.

Day 5 I am feeling a little emotional and confused about everything. I guess looking into my inner self is pretty damned scary. The most important thing I've learned so far is I have to continue working on me. Focusing on me and what I need to improve myself and my mental health and not worry about outside factors as much. Although he's something I want and I believe that eventually things will work out, I'm not right which is why he's not coming. I will continue to focus and keep my eyes on the prize and let the universe work it's magic.

-D.G., Pennsylvania